The Mexican youngster, Javier Hernandez, has garnered quite a following in his team’s fans.

He joined Manchester United in 2010 and enjoyed a fantastic first season, scoring 20 goals and steering the team to yet another Premier League title, much to the delight of Manchester United supporters and the annoyance of other teams’ fans.

This season, however, has been a totally different story. He struggled with his fitness in the early stages of the season and failed to score in the prolific manner that he did in his first year for the club. However, in the last 3 games, he scored thrice.

The last three games for the club have been against big names like Liverpool and Chelsea, so it can be safely said that the youngster is returning to form. Javier says that he is happy to be back in form so that he can play for his team the way he did in the last season. He told The People that he had only one aim and that was to constantly improve. Going by his scoring in the last 3 games, he’s doing pretty well on that front.

He said that some people might have created their opinions about him and how he might be a one-season wonder, but he is happy as long as he is playing well and scoring goals. He had some minor injuries before the season began and that disrupted his training rhythm, and subsequently, his performance on the field.

With the most important part of the season coming up, his team needs him to perform well now and he feels that he is fit enough to be able to give his best. He also added that he is constantly looking to get tips from seniors at the club and, be it coaches or players.