Manchester United have said that striker Hernandez will not be part of the Mexican squad that will play at the London Olympics 2012. Hernandez was initially named in the 23 man squad that will take part in the London Olympics.

He is not amongst the younger players of the squad. The 23-year-old will now come under the overage player category, which is something that will be at the discretion of the clubs. In this case, Manchester United have decided to exert their authority over the issue by deciding that Hernandez will not be part of the Mexican squad at the London Olympics.

Manager Sir Alex Ferguson has been speaking of three weeks ago about his disappointment due to the number of Manchester United players being aimed at the Olympics and the Euro 2012 squads. This would mean that his preparation for the next season would be spoilt to a huge extent. This is the first season in the last eight years that Manchester United have finished without a trophy in their hands and Sir Alex Ferguson knows that he has a huge rebuilding job on his hands. Even though Hernandez has seen very little playing time this season, manager Sir Alex Ferguson expects him to be a major part of the rebuilding plan at Manchester United.

"His form last season was fantastic. He's found the second year more difficult, but a lot of that is down to not having a summer break for three years and playing every summer for his country. Next year he will be fine as we have agreed with the Mexican Football Association that he is going to get the requisite rest he needs to perform in the Premier League," said Sir Alex Ferguson. The Mexican national football association also confirmed the decision taken by Manchester United.