It is incredibly hard to find a human being who doesn’t speak in favor of his immediate condition. When footballers stand in front of the hunting press, everything they say turns to gold. Is it just an act for the camera? Either way it is incredibly tiresome to hear all the time.
For some players though, it is harder to tell how they could possibly be lying given that they are so full of life. One of such is Javier Hernandez.

After moving to La Liga side, Sevilla FC over the summer from West Ham United, the Mexican is saying that he is enjoying life in Spain like he did during his loan spell at Real Madrid.

Speaking to reporters, the 33 year-old said many people thought him coming to Seville was “kind of smoke and mirrors.”
Granted the prospect of him breaking into the first team is as likely as Donald Trump staying a day away from Twitter, Chicharito spent a footballing career telling the world he is the best super sub of the last decade.
At his age, given his tired legs, every coach will cherish that kind of asset in his squad.
And to those who really feel the former Manchester United man will be out of place, Hernandez added that he knows “what it means to play for this team and also play in the La Liga”
He had a loan spell at the Bernabeu and the fans will no doubt forget the memories he gave them during that season’s UEFA Champions League.
Ever since Sir Alex Ferguson brought him to Europe, Javier has brought smiles to every city he’s lived and every team he’s played.
Any time his face flashes on the TV screen, you always get the feeling that he is not really the kind of dude that frowns often and maybe that’s why if he stands in front of a press and says he’s happy, he might just be.