Javier Hernandez Is Signed Up For Arsenal Team

The Reds board has decided to sign up Javier Hernandez for the summers. He would be playing for Arsenal, who is rivals of his present team Bayer Leverkusen.

The decision has been fueled by Jürgen Kopp, the Liverpool team manager. Liverpool has been suffering a shortage of strikers. For that reason Klopp has asked for the Mexican player to be signed up after the season ends. This was reported by the ITA Sport Press.

The German manager has been compromised since Danny Ings is injured. He has been placing Robert Firmino in the front position. Others like Christian Benteke are out of form and so is Daniel Sturridge who has consistent health problems. The performance of the team was thus evident when they played against West Ham United. The game took place on Tuesday.

Hernandez is the man wanted as he has been making the right moves since he joined Leverkusen from Manchester United. The switch took place last summer. Juan is about 27 years of age and has been in great form. Among the 17 appearances, he has made this season he has netted about 13 goals. For that reason he has been named as Bundesliga’s player of the month. That has been his title three times in a row. Klopp on the other hand, is looking to shape up his Liverpool team. Since January he had been inactive, but this summer he will make moves to get his team in shape.

Hernandez is definitely getting what he wanted as he wishes to get another chance in the Premier League. He had been an impact substitute in the United. If he moves to Liverpool it will give him more time to play than he had gotten in Old Trafford. Hence, the move is imminent and it might bring about some big changes.