Manchester United has been changing their transfer policy under current coach Jose Mourinho.

The club’s policy now excludes panic buying unlike previous seasons where there were no clear-cut plans.

Comparing the sale of Luis Nani and the acquisition of Memphis Depay under Louis van Gaal’s tenure shows more details could have been considered. Nani was sent off to Fenerbahce for £4.25 million while Depay was lure to Old Trafford ahead of reported links to Anfield for £26.3 million and it could have reached £31 million had the Netherland international lived up to expectations upon reaching Old Trafford.

United felt Nani would not fit the ‘rebranded’ United after a year on loan in Portugal in action for Sporting Lisbon. They preferred Eredivisie’s highest goalscorer who helped PSV Eindoven break their title drought after seven years. He was the one of the best young players in the World Cup 2014. Despite being unproven he was not tried but dumped straight into the first team. Whilst not a bad idea as others have performed but it was also part of the deal to get him to England ahead of French champions PSG and others.

Nani was decent before his switch to Valencia for £7.2 million and played a key role in the Euro 2016 title winning team. The player, though aging was still a threat in big games and his records speak for him. He netted 14 times against the top six out of his 26 goals for United. Despite having three years on his deal United sold him for peanuts as they were desperate to let him off but under Mou the club has changed to sell only at the right price no matter the odds.

Despite the duo of Depay and Morgan Schneiderlin not starting a single Premier League game, United could earn £45.7 million for players signed 18 months ago for £51.3 million and not living up to expectations, meaning good business.