Rodgers claims Liverpool needs adjustment

The Liverpool boss, Brendan Rodgers, has said that his team will have to get familiar with playing two games in a week.
Liverpool is playing in the European Cup as well this season and thus, there will be quite a few weeks in which they will have to play twice and that might affect their performance too as it happened last week.
Playing in the Champions League in the middle of the last week, the Reds put up a fine performance against Ludogorets Razgrad, but, three days later, facing West Ham United, they looked weary and ended up losing, that too by a margin of 2 goals.
It was Liverpool’s third defeat in the Premier League this season and it put them outside top 10 in the points’ table. They are at no. 11 right now.
According to Rodgers, the Liverpool boys will have to raise their fitness level so that they manage to deal with 2 games a week.
In the press conference after the game against West Ham, when Rodgers was asked about the tough scheduling during the week, he said, “We are going to be in such situation quite often this season as we are playing in Europe. So, we need to be prepared for it.”
“When we qualified for Europe, the expectations got much higher and we will have to raise ourselves both fitness and form wise to make sure we fulfil the expectations.”
Liverpool has actually beaten two very good teams in the form of Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur this season, but, they have lost to Aston Villa and West Ham which their fans would not have been expecting.
The Reds will now be taking on Everton on 27th of September at their home venue i.e. the Anfield.