From the moment he left Manchester United, Javier Hernandez was thought to be the kind of one-season wonder striker that will never be able to produce the same trick twice.
Having left his Mexican side thanks to Ferguson, the man famously referred to as “Chicharito” scored an impressive 2o goals in his first season in England.

The 31-year-old moved to Sevilla from West Ham in the summer but the lack of game time at both home and abroad has made him reconsider his decision on not giving up on Europe yet.

At his current age though and given that Sevilla’s coach doesn’t not favor nor fancy him, the Mexico international is now ready to move to MLS. The only time he enjoyed Spain was during his loan spell at Real Madrid and apart from his final season at United, the instinctual striker has never been used to the kind of his current treatment.
His move to the MLS will also represent another good example of how the people in charge of that franchise continue to make mockery of themselves, signing players for the sake of their names and not realizing they are just an Old People’s Home for footballers.

Even when Ibrahimovic discovered he wasn’t old enough, he had to quit and rejoin European football.
The transfer to Sevilla might have been one of the least decisions Hernandez has done over the years given that his style of play is hardly the type you will see in Spain and the reason he was able to even have any kind of play time at Madrid is that they are the only ones that can afford having deadwood even if he was at least a super sub.
Unlike most one-season wonders though, Chicharito remains the last footballer one can label as a fraud. His style has always been very simple: if you can make use of the way he plays, you will have goals from him.